Financial Planning Services Technology & Security

It’s no secret that the world is being taken over by technology. Technology and security and how they work together is vitally important to us here at Tenpath. While processes have become more convenient and simplified by technology, some risks arise as well. Information online can be hacked into if it is not stored, sent, and managed properly. At Tenpath Financial Group, we are committed to safe technology practices and want our clients to learn how they can stay safe.

LastPass is a password managing website we use at the office. All of your passwords are stored in an encrypted vault that is secured by a master password. LastPass will determine the strength of your master password to keep your other passwords safe. Additionally, LastPass will generate unique passwords for each of your accounts to reduce your risk having an account compromised. This is free to use on all of your devices or you can upgrade to a premium version for a small monthly fee.

At the office, all of our clients’ data is stored on a secure drive called Box. From sensitive data to a picture of your dog that you sent us, we save all our files securely. We want you to understand that all of your information is in good hands.

We use a platform, called eMoney, to see our clients’ investments. For both office staff and clients’ personal financial website, eMoney uses two-factor authentication. Upon sign in, a text, call, or email will be sent to the person to ensure safety of the account.

When we call LPL, we are asked a series of questions to ensure that no person is maliciously trying to obtain information about an LPL account. Any forms we sent to LPL are secure through fax and email. LPL has high security standards that we have to comply with, so our clients’ information is safe.

A unique feature of our website is that clients are able to securely upload documents. Simply go to our website, hover over the client resources tab, and click securely upload files. These files are safely stored in our server, which eliminates clients sending documents over email or having to take a drive to the office. We will be notified of your upload so we can process any paperwork as soon as we receive it.

Encrypting a computer protects all its data from the outside world. It goes beyond having a password-protected computer. It uses decoder rings to encrypt data to keep it safe.

A firewall is a way to monitor network activity and block any unauthorized access. It creates a barrier between a trusted network and an untrusted network, like the internet.

We install anti-virus software on our computers to prevent viruses from damaging our hard drives.

One of the best things you can do for your own security and safety is to create strong passwords for everything – your banking information, email, and even social media accounts. Everything is interconnected, and having unique, strong passwords on every site helps to protect you against hackers. Some ideal things to keep in mind include:

  • Include at least one capital letter, one lower-case letter, one number, and one special character
  • Make sure it has at least 12 characters
  • Don’t make simple changes (such as changing password to passw0rd)
  • Avoid dictionary words or combinations of them (they are easy to guess)

Memorizing strong passwords can be the tricky part; experts advise it’s a good idea to write your passwords down as you create them and keep them in a safe place (such as a lock box).