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  • By Emma Andrews
  • Posted December 18, 2019

Why Insurance Is Even More Important During the Winter Months

Insurance is vital in today’s world, and it’s important to have the proper amount of coverage. You need car insurance to pay the bills if you become involved in an accident, and you need medical insurance to cover your health requirements. Winter is the prime season for colds and flu as well as auto accidents. Are you protected should something happen to you or your property this year?

More Damaging

Some illnesses are worse in the winter. Since the chilly, dry air disturbs the respiratory system, your immunity can easily become compromised, and that makes you more susceptible to germs. During the warmer months, a healthy coat of mucus protects your airways from unwanted pathogens. However, dry air can cause the mucus in your nose to become arid, and all that bacteria can easily get by the disrupted barrier. One of the reasons why accidents increase during the winter is because of the lack of daylight. It’s often hard to see icy patches or black ice on roadways when it’s dark outside. In the summer, daylight lasts longer, and there is no ice to worry about. When your visibility is impaired, you are at a significant risk of falling. Plus, people like to engage in outdoor sports when there is a blanket of snow on the ground. Sledding, snowboarding and skiing carry risks because it’s easy to slip, trip or fall.

Winter Risks

During the winter months, the snow is flying, and ice forms on surfaces. Slip-and-trip accidents are prevalent from November through February. It’s estimated that more than 25,000 people will be injured this year due to snow, ice and freezing temperatures. You’ll need insurance even during the breaks, particularly if you’re going skiing. New skiers are especially susceptible to the risks, but even experienced skiers aren’t immune to accidents.

Evaluate Your Coverage

When the seasons change, you have visions of being snuggled up with your favorite blanket, watching TV and drinking hot cocoa. Children want to build a snowman or a snow fort. The thoughts of winter may put a smile on your face; however, there’s another aspect that’s essential for a good season. If a disaster should strike in the form of an illness, accident or unexpected storm, you’ll need to have the proper insurance coverage in place to weather the difficulty. The coldest months of the year bring about winter-related damages, and you should be ready for whatever comes your way. Too many times, people are unprepared for life’s mishaps because they don’t have proper insurance. As winter approaches, make sure you aren’t stuck with the burden of unforeseen expenses. Comprehensive planning and protection are essential to your physical and financial health.