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  • By Emma Andrews
  • Posted January 13, 2020

How Do I Get Involved With Stock Market Trading?

Many investors and traders view the stock market as one of the top ways to grow your money. Being able to turn a $10,000 account into a $100,000 account through your trading skills is exciting. Here are the three things you need to do to get involved with stock market trading.

Pattern Recognition

One of the most important skills in being successful with stock market trading is pattern recognition. Technical trading involves finding the same setup over and over again on the chart. Examples of patterns you can trade are double tops and double bottoms, the ABCD pattern, and the butterfly pattern. By practicing finding these patterns on your chart, you will train your eyes to see them with greater ease. If you want to develop your pattern recognition skills faster, you can do left-brain activities like sudoku and other brain games.

Educating Yourself

In order to find success it’s helpful to educate yourself on how stocks function. Just as it’s not a good idea to attempt a road trip when you’ve never learned how to drive a car, trading stocks before you’ve learned how isn’t a good idea. Read books on stock market trading and take an online course that teaches you how to trade. Some people make the mistake of just learning a strategy and then implementing it. There’s more to trading than that, so they often end up losing money as a result. Successful stock market trading involves discipline, emotion regulation and self-control. This holds true for all types of trading whether you’re into stocks, bonds, or forex.

Create a Trading Plan

Before you begin trading in the stock market, you need to create a trading plan that outlines what trading strategies you’re using, how you enter and exit trades, your risk management rules, in what situations you stay out of the market, how you analyze the market and what your philosophy is on the market. As you can tell by all the detail required in your trading plan, this step comes after educating yourself on stock market trading. You’re likely to lose money if you trade without a written plan to follow. Emotions can be strong when money is on the line. You don’t want to make decisions on whether to enter trades or close trades in an emotional state. This is where your trading plan comes in handy. It tells you what to do in every situation.

Stock market trading is a wonderful way to grow your money, but as with many things in life, there is a learning curve. If you follow the steps above, you will be a successful stock market trader.

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