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  • Posted April 11, 2022

A Certified Financial Planner's Estate Planning Tools That Make Life Easier

As uncomfortable as it may be to think about your eventual passing away, it’s critical that you plan ahead for such an event. Sadly, accidents happen to even the best people, and by having your estate ready you’ll be providing your loved ones with a financial safety net. Our certified financial planner identifies some things that you might want to have ready beforehand.

Life Insurance

Most particularly important if you are the primary provider for your family, life insurance will provide a given monetary amount to your surviving family members if you die. As with all insurances, there are different kinds that will be relevant to you depending on your circumstances, and how much you are willing to pay. The main two types are term life insurance (the cheaper option that provides life insurance for a given amount of time) and whole life insurance (that essentially provides life insurance for life).


A trust, in a nutshell, is a kind of third-party legal entity that can hold your assets for you until your will is read. The reason it is so useful to have a trust formed and ready is that it prevents unnecessary legal problems and drama among the recipients of your assets. Do you have the kind of family or the kinds of friends that may fight over your property? Or do you have a property that is particularly valuable? Without a trust, your property will be stuck in probate until the court settles it. So, although it is possible to legally form a trust without a lawyer, you may want to hire one anyway in order to ensure that the process happens smoothly. Talking to a certified financial planner can help you identify what type of trust is right for you.

Talking to Experts

Speaking of lawyers, you’re definitely going to want some help – even just a quick consultation can be very informative. When it comes to writing your will, making an inventory of all of your assets, and whatever other small obstacles you run into, you’re going to want someone to double-check with as you move through it all. Local attorneys can be a great resource – as well as the vast wealth of information on the internet. Your specific circumstances and your specific assets will require personalized advice. Talk to one of our certified financial planners for expert advice.

Like your middle school teacher always said – if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. As you go about putting all of your life in order, and as you plot out the arrangements of your legal and financial future, have confidence. Your efforts are what will be most valuable for your family.

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